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Exciting Field Trips

Five students and six parents, along with teacher Simon Chung, attended 6th grade outdoor school at Camp Ida-Haven in McCall.  Each day consisted of fabulous meals, group worships, intimate reflections, fun activities and outdoor education.  Students grew closer to nature and each other before leaving for home.


The staff shared morning and evening worship thoughts that included input and activities with both students and parents.  Multiple worships focused on kindness to others. 


The days consisted of orienteering, meeting Merlin the owl from the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary, first aid, fire building, hikes, snow science, outdoor survival skills, crafts, games, ice skating and relaxation. 

BVAS 6th Grade Outdoor School builds sno

This is a picture of BVAS 6th grade students making snow bricks to build a snow cave.

Merlin owl

This is a picture of a Merlin owl at the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary.

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