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STEM Integrated Learning

Starting in the first year, Adventist education promotes teaching all subjects and integrating book learning and activities.  When working on a project, the Adventist Education teaching model promotes utilizing skills from all subject areas to enhance problem-solving skills, thus showing a correlation between ability and achievement tests. With a fair degree of accuracy, the results of aptitude tests can be used to predict how well students will do on achievement tests. Researchers of the CognitiveGenesis Study compared the predictions against actual achievement scores, and found that students in Adventist schools consistently performed better academically than had been predicted. The latest average of testing showed that Adventist students performed 4.98% better than predicted on ability test scores which assessed verbal skills, comprehension, and problem-solving.

Below are pictures of first and second graders of Boise Valley Adventist School studied about Creation in Bible class and animal habitats in Science class. As a culminating activity, they chose an animal and then designed and created a habitat for the animal they chose. These pictures were taken during the COVID pandemic, and the students are wearing masks because all Adventist schools follow local health and safety recommendations.

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